The shop will be closing next month. After nearly 19 years of serving the community it is time to finally close our doors.
Retail sales in Amsterdam are declining due to the online shopping phenomena this has had a dramatic affect on our sales.
Most of you are now content to order your groceries online from the comfort of home. In the early days cost was a major factor,
now the emphasis is more on time than money. The 6 month work contract now applies to many which takes away confidence in spending,
especially if your financial future is only foreseeable a few months in advance.
I then had the added dilemma of competition from local supermarket chains, although they charge a higher price for UK products,
why come all the way to the shop to save a few Euros on 1 pack of tea ?
Lower prices were no longer a priority, which actually took away the fun of getting one over on the big chains.
For this reason it will no longer be viable to keep the shop open. During 24 to 31 August the shop will be closed for 1 week.
As from today all items will be on SALE! So come along and pick up your cards or souvenirs etc before we close in September.
I will use the current facebook page to advise you where else you can purchase British Food items in the Amsterdam area.
I have been reducing the food items over the last 2 months but there are still lots of good sale items available in the store.
Check out the photos for other great savings this is the last chance to purchase at these prices.  

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