British General Stores ceased trading on October 1st 2016.
Due to the popularity of internet shopping I have decided to close the shop.
Changes in your collective shopping needs have altered considerably over the last 3 years.
Lower prices did not help the situation as time seemed to be more important.
There are now lots of modern shops catering for all needs from Gluten free to Vegan......... I did not want to join them.
I would like to thank everyone who made the last 18 years possible for a small shop catering for a small market.
I know that I never quite remembered all of your names, but please put that down to my age.
You still have Marks & Spencers of course and lots of Dutch supermarkets are now looking towards English products.
Once again thank you for the custom, the laughs, the challenging orders,
and most of all the friendly manner in which you all excelled.
(well 99% of you) - as granny told me, you cannot keep everyone happy all of the time.
I wish you all a merry Christmas.
Miss Kitty
Best wishes from Lin and Miss Kitty